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At Top Secret Stylist we take you on a journey of style discovery, suggesting pieces to add to your wardrobe that accent and enhance your image and sense of self. Our clients come from all walks of life, and are all shapes and sizes – they are the real world. We offer many classic and contemporary clothing styles and accessory choices. We want you to shine! We are fashion artists – Our clients are our canvas!

The website topsecretstylist.com is the fulfillment of a dream the owner, Mary Frieson, has had since she was a little girl growing up in Cape Cod. As she sewed and repaired clothes on the hand-me-down sewing machine her mother gave her, she would daydream about traveling to the corners of the earth experiencing world fashion style.

She thought it would be wonderful to share her experience with others who wanted to have a look that was uniquely their own. Not having the wherewithal to travel, the owner spent hours pouring over magazines and books, gaining the inspiration to develop her own sense of fashion. She only needed a stage to share her thoughts and ideas.

The Internet didn’t exist when the owner’s fashion dreams began. It does now, and it is her tool of choice to share her vision and ideas for joining different eras of clothing together in a palette that accentuates the beauty and style of her clients.

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