Collar Neck Sequin Jacket


Sequins are small, shiny embellishments that are often used to add a touch of glamour and sparkle to clothing. In this case, the jacket features sequins, suggesting that it has a decorative element that catches the light and adds a visually appealing aspect to the garment.

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Collar Sequin Button-Down Shoulder Pad Square Jacket.

A collar sequin button-down shoulder pad square jacket combines elements of sophistication, glamour, and structure. The jacket features a collar that adds a touch of refinement, while the sequins provide a stunning and eye-catching detail. The button-down style suggests a more formal and structured look, and including shoulder pads enhances the overall silhouette, giving it a tailored and defined shape. The square shape of the jacket adds a contemporary touch and lends a modern and streamlined appearance to the garment.

95% Polyester

5% Spandex


Small, Medium, Large




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